Real Turf. Real Tight. Real Safe.

There are many different methods of installing sports turf for recreation, amateur and professional sporting leagues. But SIDEKICK® is the only patented machine that compresses the turf for a tighter, safer field while speeding up the process of installing large roll sod.

Benefit's to using SIDEKICK® for sports turf include:

  • Delivers perfect seams by compressing sod uniformly across the entire roll with it's variety of compression plates.
  • Doesn’t rip or tear the sod. Unlike a crew–often more than 20 employees–pulling the sod with sharp rakes and spikes, SIDEKICK® gently pushes it into place.
  • Eliminates careless labor and consistently performs flawlessly every time.
  • Improves the density of the sod by compressing it approximately 10%, making it thicker and safer for players.
  • Nimble and efficient, it can be used routinely to replace worn areas quickly and efficiently.
  • It’s easy to operate. With its simple controls, a perfect field is as easy as dropping, sliding and retracting – and repeating.
  • It has speed that can’t be matched. It reduces the amount of manpower and other machinery needed, allowing us to work within smaller windows of time.
  • Makes fields safer for players by making it more dense upon compression.
  • Returns the edge of the sod to a perfect 90 degree angle allowing for a perfect bond with the next roll, allowing for quicker grow in and recovery.
  • It’s recognized as an award-winning machine. It was selected as winner of the 2013 STMA Innovation Award for Safety.

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