“...better and safer...”

The finished product on our field is better and safer when using SIDEKICK®!

— T.L., Philadelphia

“...playable the next day...”

... and our tees were playable the next day. Amazingly fast installation with a very stellar and professional staff.

— J.M., Illinois

"It's just an outstanding machine. It pushes the turf together with a consistent amount of pressure eliminating any seams...it provides the field with tighter seams and the first year of using it I was able to reduce my overall costs by not having so much labor over time... "

— W.S., Head Groundskeeper

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“...making fields safer for athletes...”

It's unanimous, SIDEKICK® is the most innovative product that is making fields safer for athlete's around the world!

— stma, 2013

“...so easy to use...”

Sidekick was so easy to use! After a short demo, my guys were using this machine as if they've been using it the entire year.

— B.B., Tampa